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2014 Draft

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12014 Draft Empty 2014 Draft on Tue Feb 25, 2014 11:10 am


Interesting post by a guy from another forum I frequent who apparently has known Jadeveon Clowney since he was pretty young.

I helped coach JC at the pop warner level and have watched him every year since. (He wend to JR hi, intermediate and HS with a good friend's son)

He has more natural athletic talent than any individual I have ever known and Ive been around some Hall of Fame NFL guys.

He probably has a worse attitude and work ethic than any other individual Ive ever known as well.

I know for a fact that his HS coach sat him down at one point during his JR year and told him he was running the risk of ruining his opportunity to "Escape"...JC responded by throwing a tantrum and telling the coach he was jealous of him and a "piece of shit"...this was minutes after said coach had convinced both the local PD and the school principal to ignore a pretty serious issue on campus.

From a mentor who is still very close to him: "He still glorifies the "gangsta" life style and thinks being a badass is what matter in life. When we were prepping for the combine interviews I tried to coach a few responses and he replied 'Fuck them old faggots. If they dont wanna draft me someone will and I'll shit on them every time we play. I aint kissing no ass for no one.' That's waht we are dealing with and why he is such a toss up."

IMO if he finds a Reggie White type mentor or a Ray Lewis type...a guy that is a certified badass but also has a focus and an inner peace he has a chance to set every sack record imagineable. He also has the chance to be out of the league in 2 years and slinging drugs or in jail just as easily.

Will this kid be the next Lawrence Taylor or the next Albert Haynesworth? Or even worse, the next Jonathan Sullivan?

22014 Draft Empty Re: 2014 Draft on Tue Feb 25, 2014 11:32 am


Oh no. That does not sound good. And I am not sure who would actually serve as a good mentor to him. With that info, I have a bad feeling this will be another Haynesworth.

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32014 Draft Empty Re: 2014 Draft on Tue Feb 25, 2014 11:44 am


A lot of rumors have him possibly going to the Texans. No idea if Cushing and Watt are the right type of personalities to lead him, but if they are, could be a good place as they definitely have the on field production to back up their talk.

Doubt the Rams take him with their riches at DE, and Jacksonville, oye, not sure who'd have a leg to stand on there to try and keep him in line. Cleveland and Oakland are the next two picks and they're even bigger messes. So yeah, I guess hope for the Texans or a more stable team to trade up (Falcons?)

That all said, if Houston takes him and he can get his head screwed on straight, how much fun will that D be to watch with those 3 playing together?

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