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Phoenix Coyotes name new Head Coach

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1Phoenix Coyotes name new Head Coach Empty Phoenix Coyotes name new Head Coach on Sat Jan 11, 2014 10:22 pm


(commercial fades back to the Fox SportsOne studio)

Jay Donrait: Jay Donrait here with the new General Manager of the Phoenix Coyotes, David Spang.  David, why did you choose the Phoenix Coyotes of all teams to manage?

David Spang:  Well Jay I liked the promise I saw with this orginization.  I had a few other job offers but I wanted a challenge.  As we saw last season the Coyotes finshed 20th
overall and were not the most consist team.  I wanted to become the general manager to turn this often overlooked franchise and turn it in to a Stanley Cup contender and hopefully Champion!

Jay Donrait:  That is going to be a tall order as you don't really have a pile of veteran talent on this team.

David Spang:  That is true Jay, but we do have a lot of young potential future stars , lots of cap room and 10 draft picks in the NHL Draft including 2 first round picks.  

Jay Donrait:  I have heard some rumblings that you have been in contact with a former player from your past to become the head coach of the Coyotes.  Is this true or just rumors?

David Spang:  Jay, that is true.  I would like to announce here that the next head coach of the team will be Garry Valk.  

Jay Donrait:  Wow!  Are you a little worried about him not having any head coaching experience?

David Spang:  Nope.  When I took a chance on him as a player, you all remember that he went from being a fourth line player to being a top line left winger who usually lead the team in scoring.  I have talked with him and that same drive that made him excel as a player is now the same drive that I know will make him excel as a head coach.

Jay Donrait:  I guess time will tell.  There is also some rumblings that you are going to be naming some possible trades soon.  Would you like to confirm that?

David Spang:  Jay,  you know I am not going to say anything like that until we have the deals made.  That would be unfair to anybody involved.  I know I have had other general managers call to try to make a quick pitch to see if I would give up the farm for a bad contract.  I will only be willing to make a deal tat will better the team.

Jay Donrait:  Well thank you for joining us tonight.  Good luck with the Phoenix Coyotes.

2Phoenix Coyotes name new Head Coach Empty Re: Phoenix Coyotes name new Head Coach on Sat Jan 11, 2014 10:28 pm


Knew it! Figured Valk would end up being your coach or you'd somehow get him added to the player pool.

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