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Phoenix Coyotes interview

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1Phoenix Coyotes interview Empty Phoenix Coyotes interview on Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:11 pm


Jay Donrait:  Welcome back.  Jay Donrait here.  Today we are going to talk with Phoenix Coyotes General Manager David Spang.  David what do you have to say is the reason for the recent success of the Coyotes?

David Spang: Well first I want to put to rest the reasons why we let go of Dave Tippett.  Dave was a great coach and I wish him all the success in Detroit, but last year it became clear that he had lost the locker room and a change was needed.  That was a the start of the changes.  We brought in a new coach who brought in a strong defence system.  We added some great players in Malkin, Moulson and Krejci.  Those guys sparked the offence and helped everybody else fit into roles on the team that they are suited for.  We also have gotten great secondary scoring.  

J.D:  What about the unreal play of your goalie Ben Bishop?

D.S.:  He is a huge driving force for the success.  He has played out of his mind. He had 3 straight shutouts early in the season and is among the leaders in total shutouts this season.  He leads the league in wins and save percentage.  That was a huge move the former G.M had made.  Getting a unproven goalie plus two first round picks and a second for Tuukka Rask really helped turn around the team.  It helped us reload and now Bishop is one of the best goalies in the league.

J.D:  how do you think you will do in the playoffs this season?

D.S. :  we will have to see.  There is lots of great teams in the west we have to get through to reach the finals.  I like the way we are playing and the excitement that is building in Phoenix.  The city is getting behind the team and this could be the year when the Coyotes finally take the next step.

J.D. : thank you again David. For stopping by and good luck to you guys

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