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TSN’s Bryan Shauger in a Interview with Chicago’s General Manager VW.

BS: Thanks for taking the time with me today VW

VW: Thanks for having me Bryan.

BS: Before we get to the Pekka Rinne deal I want to talk to you about some rumors involving your club and the LA Kings that we saw at the draft. What or who were you guys discussing.

VW: Sure Bryan, Well myself and The Kings GM had some talks about at the time impending UFA Henrik Lunqvist.

BS: well VW we did see you go back and forth to their table and shake their hands a few times did you think there was a deal done at some point?

VW: Yes I did and it was really frustrating when dealing with that whole organization, safe to say I will approach them differently now. In the end they ended up getting Lunqvist signed at what they thought was a reasonable offer so they kept him.

BS: So then how did the deal come together with the Sharks and Rinne?

VW: Well to be honest thanks to you guys in the media The GM for the Sharks got in touch with me and asked if I would be interested In Rinne. Obviously we had tremendous interest as we felt goaltending was a major weakness in the finals when we ended up losing in 5 games.

BS: You sent away some very good young players the other way, do you feel you can replace those players?

VW: Well Bryan we feel as an organization we have the depth to replace those players internally and also with the emergence of
Brendan Smith on the back end we were able to move Smid to get back Ryan Johansen. We have some other moves on the go right now and actually have to get back as my phone is ringing constantly.

BS: Well thank you for your time VW.

VW: No problem Bryan

BS: Well there you go one of the busiest GM’s in the league, and he may have another deal in the works. Back to you James.


lol, awesome. I smell Western Conference rivalry brewing.

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