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This is for all of us

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1This is for all of us Empty This is for all of us on Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:15 pm


The hope is that having this forum will create more interaction in the league, more conversation between owners, and give those that want to, a chance to put out some "in character" posts to describe their team, the league, their players, etc. Obviously please keep it in good taste, but take it for a spin and have some fun with it. I'm glad to see we've already had a few people posting some in character type content.

If you just need to kill some time, post in the Other/Off Topic sections and let's see what it'll take to fix the Oilers, what good movies are playing or what other games are worth checking out.

This particular General Discussion area will be good for discussing mechanics of the game, strategy ideas or anything else you can think of that isn't particular to your team or some sort of league announcement.

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